The Power of Knowledge

As the first quarter of my kids’ school year comes to a close, I have been flooded with parent/teacher conferences, report cards, and standardized testing. While I am so very thankful that it’s not me in the testing hot seat, I couldn’t help but reflect [...]

Work life Balance

It’s 10 Pm on the eve of our company's one-year anniversary. The babies are bathed and in bed (hopefully asleep) and meals and clothes are ready for tomorrow. As I crawl into my bed, eyes tired from a full day of looking at tiny teeth, [...]

Clean vs. clean

I am a huge fan of words…. Not just the meaning themselves, but the spelling, the spacing, the inflection.  All of it can mean so much more than letters grouped together.  When Lindsay, Suzanne, and I were working on our business concept, we really had [...]